The Undergraduate Teaching Assessment Experts Visit the School of Management of Zunyi Medical University.

Source: 遵义医学院管理学院 Date and time: 11-8-2016 Hot: 648
    On December 7 and 8, the undergraduate teaching assessment experts from the ministry of education , Zhang Zongji, the party secretary of the school of Haiyuan college of Kunming Medical University, Guan Yingjun, the principal of Weifang Medical University, Cao Depin, the vice president of Harbin Medical University , and Xu Xiaoyuan, director of China Medicine University, who visited the school of management of Zunyi Medical University.
    Wei Lai and Peng Yunxia, who are vice dean and party secretary from the School of Management respectively, they introduced basic background about the school of management for experts, and consult experts about some problem with development of public services management, professional training programs, the new revision of professional construction, talent introduction and teacher appointment authority  decentralization, teachers team construction, the workload of teachers and so on, experts put forward valuable suggestions which based on these issues.
    The undergraduate teaching assessment is a test for the teaching quality of universities, the school of management will take the undergraduate teaching assessment as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the central position of undergraduate teaching, promote harmonious development between undergraduate majors and graduate professional disciplines, and strive for the new height of the discipline development.