School of Management Participate 2016 Annual National MPA Dean Conference

Source: 遵义医学院管理学院 Date and time: 8-29-2016 Hot: 331
    On August 27th, the Annual national MPA dean conference sponsored by National Education Committee was held in Beijing,which hosted by Renmin University of China. The national MPA education committees and 258 representatives of 218 MPA training institutions actively participated this conference, in order to discuss the development of MPA education in China and the prospects of the next five years planning.
    The conference was divided into four parts, of which two were held in the morning .The major agenda of the morning was several important speeches, was delivered by Huang Baoyin, the vice Director of Academic Degrees Committee of Sate Council, the 4th chairmen of the MPA Teaching Committee, the vice secretary of Ministry of human resources and social security and director of the National Civil Service Bureau Xin Changxing, the vice chair of MPA Teaching Committee and,Liu Wei, the president of Renmin University of China respectively.They gave congratulation on the new MPA Education Committee, and raised the expectation on the future committee''s work.The meeting awarded the fourth national MPA education committee member. Subsequently, the Secretary General Yang Kaifeng made a lecture on the fourth national MPAteaching committee’s five-year work plan(2016-2021),the working summary of 2015-2016 Collinsand the 2016-2017 national MPA Education Committee work plan.Director of evaluation center of the Ministry of education Lin Mengquan introduced education certification, discipline evaluation, teaching level evaluation, China Professional degree case center and the national postgraduate innovation practice. And then the fourth session of the Education Committee of the working group, and members gave speech sequentially, deputy secretary general Yang Hongshan introduced the work of the Secretariat. The afternoon discussion was divided into two units, 11 of the group''s representatives deeply discussed the five years development planning of committee DPA, IMPA, the enrollment plan of graduates, case teaching, curriculum construction, teacher training, the specification of dissertation,reform of supervisor database construction institution, assessment and assessment standard of degree certification, MPA education quality certification system and many other supporting system, as well as how the cancellation of single certification influence the school development.Then each group separately collect the discussion and share the result on the conference.
    This conference had a significance of pointing the development direction of MPA education in the future, and providing the development idea of each MPA authorization in the MPA education and the quality of MPA professional postgraduates.The Assembly reached a consensus, it is necessary to build MPA education brand of Chinese characteristics, which would contribute to world MPA education.