College of management by ZunYi Medical University success to hosted 11th

Source: 遵义医学院管理学院 Date and time: 7-29-2015 Hot: 418
    July 27, the Eleventh "China Institute of Medical Management (Department) Dean (Director) Forum" held in Zunyi Hotel Zunyi City. The forum is organized by "China Institute of Medical Management (Department) Dean (Director) Forum" sponsored by the Council, Zunyi Medical College management contractor. Participate in the forum are from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 63 units of Fudan University, Shandong University, Zhongshan University, Wuhan University, Anhui Medical University, more than 160 delegates and invited guests. The forum participants, whether the size of the unit or the number of participants are the most ever. National, provincial and municipal media, the General Assembly conducted a joint report。
    8:30, the opening ceremony was held in Zunyi Hotel Building C multi-purpose hall. Guizhou Province Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Guangqi Wei, vice mayor of Zunyi City, Tian Gang, deputy party secretary of my school, the principal Yu Tian, president of the forum, the Council, the President of Tongji Medical College School of Health Management Professor Zhang Liang attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was chaired by deputy party secretary Liu Jianguo my school.
Yu representative of Zunyi Medical College, the arrival of all the leaders, delegates and guests a warm welcome, she briefly introduces the development and educational situation of our school, fully stressed the necessity and significance of forums and wished a successful forum success.
    Tian Gang, vice mayor of Zunyi Municipal People''''''''s Government on behalf of the delegates, guests are warmly welcome to the table, Zunyi Medical College management contractor forum to express my heartfelt congratulations, deputy mayor of Zunyi Tian introduced the development of medical and health services, he say, Zunyi City have become one of the 16 pilot cities nationwide health care reform, experts hope the participants, representatives able to Zunyi city health system reform proposes new insights and ideas.
     Wei, deputy director of Guizhou Provincial Planning Commission on behalf of the convening of the Forum congratulated, he outlined Guizhou province, he pointed out that the cause of Guizhou Province, health and medical services in recent years has made considerable progress, but there are still lack of talent, lack of investment institutional facilities, inadequate and many other issues, we hope the Forum can provide good ideas for the development of Guizhou health, but also a lot of hope pimple Universities talents, boost the further development of Guizhou health and wish the forum a complete success.
    The Council thanked the president on behalf of Zhang Liang forum leaders, delegates and guests of the Forum support branch, thanked the forum organizer Zunyi Medical College administration''''''''s efforts to successfully organize the Forum.
    After the opening ceremony, the leaders and all the delegates attending the opening ceremony, the guests posed for pictures.9:30, performed in the main hall forum in the form of special academic report. The theme of the forum is "New Ideas disciplines: big health and health management education and development", around the theme of the forum, the delegates have been invited to make special academic report. Chen Xianyi, chairman of the People''''''''s Health Publishing House made a report entitled "Health Management Development and Textbook Construction", analyzes the issues related to health care reform under the new norm, education reform and health management personnel training; Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission Deputy Director Ray Tide in the report entitled "National unity health coverage UHU model and applied research measurement" in the background, the measurement model, the results of analysis, policy advice and other analyzes of the current reform of the basic medical security system problems of China; Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Dai Tao, director of the Institute of Medical Informatics at the "characteristics of health policy research and practice," the report stressed the need to combine the new situation, the new policy, the health policy theory to practice appropriately; Associate Dean School of Medicine Health Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Long speech entitled "US Health Management demonstration and Implications for China," the report, he combines learning experience exchange in the United States, detailing the US Department of Health Management demonstration and evaluation system, and then discussed the system of Chinese health The Significance of reform and development of the cause of the generated. So far, the main venue of the end of the morning session.
    According to the schedule, the afternoon session at 14:10 in the form of group discussions and exchange unfolds, divided into three discussion groups meeting simultaneously in three venues, each venue around the hot issues on health management business on behalf of the proposed expansion intense discussion.