School of Management of Zunyi Medical University Celebrate 30th Birthday

Source: 遵义医学院管理学院 Date and time: 7-26-2015 Hot: 388
    Ceremony by the deputy secretary of the Party Branch School of Management Peng yunxia chair, she first of all on behalf of the School said the arrival of a warm welcome, and solemnly presented here celebration leaders and guests. Events first invited school party secretary Huang Hualing speech, she referred to the development history of the first calendar School of Management, School of Management affirmed three decades of achievements, and to have been on his alma mater With Sincere Heart, returned from across the country alumni and friends to visit the celebration of the guests and expressed welcome and thanks to the School of Management organized preparation for the celebration of all teachers and students to extend my cordial greetings, while the future development of the School presented ardent hope.
    Subsequently, Associate Dean Professor Liu Guoqin speech, she first long-term care and support School leaders at all levels of development of various undertakings expressed deep gratitude for the celebration of the guests come from afar and alumni warmest welcome. She noted that three decades School of Management, has been adhering to the "Matilda Duxue, seeking practical" motto, to "cultivate high-quality application-oriented management of public utilities talent" as the goal, adhere to the "both medicine and management, facility management and humanities, theory and application integration "concept, based in Guizhou, serve the grassroots, radiation west, in terms of student training, teachers, subject construction, scientific research development, foreign exchange and social services have made remarkable achievements. Finally, she called on all managers with the times, look to the future, compose a new chapter.
    In the opening ceremony, valedictorian, Zeng Hui union president made a statement in Zunyi City People''s Hospital, she first expressed gratitude to the management of college training, followed by students and alumni of friendship cheerfully. So that we once again feel the campus life more colorful, teachers and friendship never forget. Students on behalf of Wang Wei School of Management students on behalf of all the students speak, on the thirtieth anniversary of the college expressed sincere birthday wishes. Finally, by the celebration of the machine, vice president to hire a visiting professor at the School presented letters of appointment, and their long-term care and professional development support colleges and academic development gratitude. Thus the end of the ceremony, then everyone enjoyed by the School of Management, staff and students well-prepared theatrical performances.