School of Management Leadership visit four Departments affiliated School of Management

Source: 遵义医学院管理学院 Date and time: 9-11-2014 Hot: 578
    In the afternoon of Apr. 9th and 10th, in order to deeply implement the “Mass Line” campaign, and indeed understand the demand of the faculty members, Vice Party Secretary of School Party Peng Yunxia, Vice Dean Liu Guoqin, Vice Dean Wei Lai visited the Department of Medicopsychology, Department of Health Economics, Department of Public Courses, and Department of Health Management.
     In the visiting, Vice Party Secretary Peng stressed the practical significance of Mass Line, and encouraged faculties to speak freely and frankly in the problem of “Si Feng” construction, the development of Department, and personal difficulties et al. Faculties actively spoke their opinions, and put forward constructive proposals including the new major application, the minor establishment, research team construction, performance evaluation, the instruction of the undergraduate thesis, training the young faculties, and the Department equipments and so on.
    Leaderships carefully record these problems raised by faculties, and discussed even explained some problems. They expressed that the School would try their best to solve problems settled as soon as possible, and reflect problems can not solved to the relevant Department of University with the primary purpose that how to cultivate the students.