2014 Freshman-teacher conference in School of Management

Source: 遵义医学院管理学院 Date and time: 9-17-2014 Hot: 590
    73 students all over the country gathered in School of Management, Zunyi Medical University in September to start the new journey of their life, and their coming bring more vigor and vitality to the development of School of Management.

    Our School held the 2014 freshman-teacher conference in Lecture Theatre IV of XinPu Campus on 2 pm of Sep. 14th, in order to promote the reception job for freshmen in 2014. Vice Party Secretary of School party Peng Yunxia, Vice Dean Wei Lai, Vice Party Secretary of student party and Office Administrator of School Peng Zhengyuan, and Head teachers attended the conference, which was chaired by Peng Zhengyuan. In the conference, Vice Party Secretary of School Party Peng Yunxia gave the opening speeches. She gave every freshman a warm welcome, and meanwhile she hoped everyone to enjoy their university life, and achieve success in their study. Vice Dean Wei Lai briefly introduced the history of our school and the faculty structure, and then he told the prospects of Public Administration discipline to students, and finally he wished students to study hard in the following four years and try their bests to be elites of management. Office Administrator Peng mainly introduced the rules of student administration works, including the university regulations and disciplines, system of rewards and penalties, study requirements, and life routines et al. what’s more, He repeatedly stressed the issues of daily security and self-protection in campus. Overall, this conference is a matter of routine, as well as meaningful enrollment education, which not only is the first vivid class for the freshmen, but also gives a platform for their following campus life and study.
    That evening after the freshman-teacher conference, Vice Party Secretary of School Party Peng, Vice Dean Wei, Office Administrator Peng and two Head Teachers visited our School freshmen in dormitory building I and III. In the dorms, they asked students with concern about the preparation of basic necessities, the adaptability of weather and life in Zunyi, and whether call family to say you are fine. They repeatedly stress the safe using electricity and fire in the dorm, meanwhile, they hoped students to be vigilant against the strangers and improve the awareness of self-protection, and to pay attention to their valuables. Finally, they expected the two Head Teachers to have more communication with students, and pay more attention on freshmen’s study and life. Through this visit, not only deepening the School’s knowledge of the freshmen, but also bringing warm to the freshmen in their learning journey of strange place, even accelerating their adaptation in the living and learning condition.

    After series of activities, 2014 reception job for freshman in School of Management ends up well. 73 freshmen have successfully to be members of our big family, School of Management, and look forward to beginning their new life and study.