Academy of management learning to carry forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu, the practice of "three strict Sanshi" requirements of thematic learning.

Source: Zunyi Medical University School of Managment Date and time: 9-16-2014 Hot: 663

To seriously study the spirit of Jiao Yulu, an accurate grasp of practice "3 severeSanshi" requirements, and will require runs through the whole process of education practice, School of management in April 18th to carry out a special seminar,learning content include learning general secretary in Henan Lankao study theimportant speech, "three strict Sanshi" requirements and watch the movie "Jiao Yulu", all Party member teachers participated in this study and discussion activities.

9 in the morning, deputy secretary of general Party branch of Peng Yunxia School of management, organization of all teachers learn Xi Jinping general secretary inLankao study the text of the speech, "three strict Sanshi" requirements of content.Through a series of speech spirit of learning, so that all Party members and cadres,teachers to fully understand the new era of study to carry forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu and the implementation of the "three strict Sanshi", "six check six"requirements of the important meaning, and share the experience of learning.

Deputy Secretary of general Party branch Peng Yunxia pointed out, the new period of learning the spirit of Jiao Yulu and combined with personal practice, is asking us to love the job, carry forward the spirit of hard-working dedication, put one''s heart and soul into work for the interests of the masses, be honest and self-discipline,wholehearted devotion to public duty, do an honest man, blameless service,establish a good image of itself in the crowd.

School of management, vice president Liu Guoqin said, to learn and carry forward the spirit of Jiao Yulu and the school of management of the new period "three helpquadruple" student management ideas closely, pay attention to strengthen theinside and outside the classroom teacher-student relationship.

All the teachers to combine their own expression of the heart to Comrade Jiao Yulu,work hard and perseveringly without me, pragmatic, not afraid of difficulties,professional dedication and personal feelings, compared the 50, 60, 70 after after80 after, to hard-working spirit of understanding, fully aware of the importance ofpragmatic, innovative spirit in the work.

3 in the afternoon, all the teachers through the "Jiao Yulu" films to watch, by the feelings, feelings, servant of Comrade Jiao Yulu''s realistic style, fighting spirit, moral sentiments have a deeper understanding, determined in the work in the practice ofJiao Yulu''s spirit, do good cadre, Party member of the Jiao Yulu type.

Through this special subject learning, School of management, all the teachersdeeply understand the connotation of the times of Jiao Yulu spirit, grasp the action direction for the people of incorruptible style construction, study and discuss theachieved actual effect.